Cerro de la Muerte

El Cerro de la Muerte (The Death’s Mountain) is the second highest mountain in Costa Rica (about 3490 meters above sea level). It’s located between the province of San José and Cartago. The average temperatures goes from 1 C and 15 C, but the temperatures can drop to a few degrees below 0 Celsius at night. A national roadway goes through this mountain as high as 3345 meters above sea level, so, during it’s construction (decades ago), several workers perished by the cold temperatures of the mountain and the altitude. Tha’s why it’s called “Death’s Mountain” today. If you’re a reader from a colder climate country, you have to keep in mind that Costa Rica it’s a “tropical” country, in consequence, former workers of the roadway, weren’t prepared to withstand such a cold enviroment, because they came from lower lands with warm and mild climates.

I was invited by a group of talented photographers called “The Costa Rican Collective” to join to their journey for a weekend in february of 2017.  I invite you to follow their work on Instagram.
The next photos were taken with my Nikon F100, using (the always trusted) Fuji Superia 400.

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte008

The Costa Rican Collective team 

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte013

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte007

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte009

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte014

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte011

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte010

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte015

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte016

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte012

Fuji Cerro de la Muerte019

When the sun went down, I wasn’t able to keep shooting photos. I live in a warmer part of the country at 600 meters above sea level. The colder temperatures at 3490 meters above the sea, were to much for me to handle. The next time, I’ll be better prepared to face the cold. 🙂


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When you wonder: Why?

We are not in this world by chance. We all have a purpose. I’m still trying to find my own reason to be here. And yes! Sometimes, when I look up at the night sky I ask for wisdom to answer to myself “why?”.

06marzo2016 02

But even when I haven’t answered my inner doubts yet, I know that you can always make a difference in other people’s life. Being part of a bigger plan than ourselves, could be our whole reason to be here.

06marzo2016 03

Without even knowing, I was part of a great invisible plan. A secret scheme that one day brought this two wonderful souls together.

06marzo2016 04

Meet Pau & Yennarow. My cousin and my best friend. Today, I’m proud to say they are together because they knew me, before they knew each other.


Don’t be afraid to ask yourself “Why?”

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Ok. Different as you may think right from the title of this post, this is not about the “meaningless war between Film and Digital”. This is about the positive things that each “medium” has to offer. As I said, in the end, you’re just creating images. Using Film or a digital sensor, it’s just the way that you choose to capture moments. All this next photos were shot on 24th february 2016. Some of them with film (Nikon FE) and others with a digital camera (Nikon D610).
I won’t make this a long reading. If you want technical data about film or Digital, I’m sure you could find more precise information out there on Google or whispered in your ear by Alien’s wisdom (weird black humour of mine).
But I will tell you, I love the colors of film, and not just that! If you learn how to develop your own rolls (it’s very easy, actually), you’ll feel more involved in the whole photographic process. Ladies and gentlemen, THAT’S QUITE REWARDING!
Nevertheless, you have to try a few different brands and types of film manufacturers before you can find your favorite emulsions. But that’s ok! Just follow your inner voice and be as curious as a cat.
In the other side of the moon, we have Digital! And digital is great. It’s versatile, you can see (as a preview, at least) the photo as soon as you take it. Many of you, probably are digital photographers, so it’s almost pointless to write down the obvious.

I confess! Most of the time (always) I do the editing of my digital photos with “film presets” (Adobe Lightroom + VSCO are a perfect match)… So, I end up with “real film” and “digital film”! But that’s the beauty and versatility of digital files!

The next photos were shot with Fuji Superia 400. Developed at home @1 stop with C41 process.

24feb2016 01

Fuji Superia 400 – A personal favorite

24feb2016 02

She is my cousin Paula. The most creative person that I know! (Superia 400)

24feb2016 07

more Fuji Superia 400

24feb2016 12

Yes! Sometimes I shot the photos underexposed against the bright sky. I like the way the clouds and the silhouettes complement each other. — Fuji Superia 400.

The next photos were shot with a Nikon D610 which my friend Fabian gave me that night to play around for a while.

24feb2016 27

Fabian’s Nikon D610 — ISO 6400 – F/1.6 @ 1/5 sec

The latest digital cameras with their high ISO capacity, literally “can see at night”.
All those photos were shot at ISO 6400 with a F/1.4 50mm Nikkor lens. Sometimes I used it at f/1.6 or f/1.8. I was able to hand hold the camera at shutter speeds of 1/5 of a second, only with moonlight and occasional spotlights of artificial light. Focus the lens it’s a challenge when your eyes can’t see in near darkness. But that’s the only way to put modern technology to the test!

24feb2016 34

Nikon D610 — ISO 6400 – F/1.6 – 1/5 sec

24feb2016 28

(same settings of the previous photo)

24feb2016 32

Nikon D610 — ISO 6400 – F/2 – 1/4 Sec

24feb2016 31

Fuji Superia 800 — Shot at ISO 1600 — F/1.8 — 30 seconds exposure

In the end, no matter if you choose digital or if you want to try film (for a change).
Just make every photo in your Canister/ SD memory count! Capture life. Create.

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You can see Paula’s work at www.behance.net/bluesoulofsky

Go out (&) live!

I’d wish to go out more often. Weekends comes and go, but sometimes, we just let them pass without any significance or meaning. Wasted days, that never going to come back.  If you’re reading this, please, do yourself a favor! Go out. Make some memories. LIVE!

20feb2016 01


20feb2016 02

20feb2016 06

(slightly out of focus) Fabian Madrigal, a very talented photographer that I had the luck to meet!

20feb2016 07

Fabian & Adri. Creating memories.

20feb2016 04


That’s me, chasing light. (by Fabian Madrigal)

20feb2016 09

20feb2016 11

20feb2016 10

20feb2016 12

I used a Nikon FE & Fuji Superia 400. (Developed at home @ 1 stop)

Fabian uses a Nikon D610. You can see his work at: http://www.facebook.com/FaMaLoFoto

All photos were shot in Zarcero, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

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