Venecia’s Waterfalls

If you’re visiting Costa Rica (or if you live here and don’t know about this place) you definitely must go to Venecia’s waterfalls.

25 marzo 16 02

Venecia is a district of San Carlos, in the province of Alajuela. We have been blessed with green land all over the year. And the District of Venecia is not the exception. ( 10 ° 22’00 “N 84 ° 17’00” W)

25 marzo 16 01

In this part of the Country, even in the summer, the rain could fall at any moment. The day that  I shot this photos, the weather was overcast. Luckily for us it didn’t rain, but somehow it reflects in the “mood” of the images.

25 marzo 16 03

25 marzo 16 04

The first waterfall that we visited.

25 marzo 16 05

(Almost) under the waterfall.

My Nikon FE got soaking wet by the moisture of the water. I was worry about that. Those old cameras doesn’t feature “weather sealing” like modern Digital slr’s. But is not one my favorite cameras for nothing, the FE didn’t let me down. She was able to keep shooting frame after frame, no matter the conditions.


25 marzo 16 07

After resting awhile, we went to the second waterfall.

25 marzo 16 08

Fabian. Getting ready for shooting great photos!

25 marzo 16 09

25 marzo 16 10

One thing is certain. When you’re in a place like this, wrapped in the sound of falling water and the peace that it brings to your heart and soul, you just wouldn’t want to come back home.

(All photos shot using Agfa Vista 200)

Thanks for reading!